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Net Concepts 

PPV AG NET CONCEPTS represents a new combination of traditional business consulting with the proactive concepts of an internet agency. We deliver the ideal balance of essential value and an innovative procedural outlook by cooperating with a network of pure players in their fields.


As specialists for the e-commerce industry and the traditional scope of a digital communications agency, our consultants tailor unique solutions to your needs. We work transparently to give you our best support and advice in the implementation and realization of these solutions. 


We do so by combining three basic phases in an individual approach for your specific project.


Our selection of the right consultants for your needs offers you innovative ideas and solutions for your digital projects.


Keeping pace with the changing consuming habits in the digital age needs a proactive e-commerce presence. An average of 17% of all turnover of German businesses is generated in electronic form.  According to the Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V., 54 percent of Germans above the age of 14 order goods and services via the internet. Strengthening your presence in electronic commerce means greater turnover and an essential boost to your brand.


Establishing this presence and becoming a creative force in the future world markets needs an organization fit for the purpose. Lasting success means a working online shop with effective and fully coordinated distribution and ordering channels for getting your goods and services to the buyer.


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